Facts About תגיש לי Revealed

לרוב אני נפגעת כי יש לי בושה לענות בחוצפה. איך אגיב בדיפלומטיות? אשמח לעצות...!@

If you made this file, be sure to Observe that The truth that it's been proposed for deletion isn't going to essentially mean that we do not benefit your kind contribution. It simply ensures that just one particular person believes that there's some distinct problem with it, like a copyright issue.

בית המשפט זיכה אותו היום מכוונה לרצח, כי הוא דקר את אמא "רק" פעם אחת.

cc-by-sa-all to launch it beneath the multilicense GFDL additionally Inventive Commons Attribution-ShareAlike All-Variation license or PD-self to launch it into the public area. See Commons:Copyright tags for the complete list of copyright tags that you could use.

Since the past e-newsletter, the Enhancing Crew has invested most of their time supporting the 2017 wikitext editor manner, which is out there In the Visible editor like a Beta Function, and improving the Visible diff Resource.

In case you created this file, make sure you Observe that The point that it has been proposed for deletion will not automatically mean that we do not worth your variety contribution. It simply implies that one particular human being believes that there is some distinct challenge with it, for instance a copyright problem.

I had been incorporating DOZENS of Israeli Stamps to Commons during the recent months and transfering some from the Hebew WP, i placed all Using the template

File:Judean_Desert_IMG_1904.JPG has actually been outlined at Commons:Deletion requests so the Group can discuss whether or not it should be saved or not. We'd appreciate it if you might head over to voice your view about this at its entry.

File:Sahlechet P7160078.JPG has actually been mentioned at Commons:Deletion requests click here so that the Neighborhood can examine irrespective of whether it should be saved or not. We'd respect it if you can go to voice your impression relating to this at its entry.

File:TOL PA170001.JPG has actually been stated at Commons:Deletion requests so which the community can focus on no matter if it should be kept or not. We might enjoy it if you can drop by voice your impression about this at its entry.

Hello, I just wished to claim that I truly feel negative which you had to re-edit your newest cartoon for somewhat unfounded copyright explanations. It is a disgrace, nd I hope you failed to come to feel upset on account of it.

Hi, I was searching commons and I observed that somebody experienced translated an excerpt with the "Five Next Rule" comedian into Czech. I thought you might have an interest in this kind of news considering you are doing the identical issue.

לסטר שלום - שמי דרור, כתבתי את הכותרת על החברותא בעידן האינרטנט (תחת הערך חברותא). שם כתבתי על פרויקט זוג (בו אני לומד כבר כמה סמסטרים) וכן על פרויקטים נוספים - אני חושב שהפירוט שהורדת דווקא חשוב לקוראי הערך. אני מסכים שבתצורה הראשונית פרויקט זוג קיבל תיאורים לא במקום כמו "האתר הגדול ביותר" - על אף שזה נכון.

My thoughts: 1. how can many of the stamps be restored? 2. In keeping with this w:he:ויקיפדיה:זכויות יוצרים#מותר ללא הגבלה Israeli stamps are PD, is there a necessity for additional clarification on this challenge?

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